Workplace Violence Programs

Series on Responding to Crimes of Violence in the Workplace

Where staff perform higher risk roles and may be exposed to crimes of violence.

These programs focus on criminal attacks including threatened or actual acts of violence against organisations and individuals. They incorporate our propriety CTRM – Counter Threat Response Model as the basis for responding to threats and attacks.

Programs in this series focus on developing competency in assessing threats, understanding risk, making decisions and exercising good judgement under duress and in context of ‘the reality of your current situation’.  In addition the program seeks to develop knowledge and understanding of the mental frameworks that aid in selecting the best and safest course of action in the given circumstances.

In applying the CTRM Approach, people develop a capability in a range of critical, flexible and adaptable responses including :- primary, contingency and final courses of action.  These programs place safety and preservation of life as the number 1 priority, to enable staff, supervisors and managers to gain the knowledge and skill required when confronted by a violent crime or attack. 

Specific program titles include:-
  • Robbery CTRM – Preventing, preparing and responding to the threat of robbery (1 Day)
  • Counter Threat Response Model – Surviving violent confrontations, including acts of terrorism (1 Day)
Program Details

What are the durations?

  • 1 day facilitated programs

How is learning delivered?

  • Facilitated In-House
  • e/m learning
  • Blended learning approach

Who are these programs for?

  • Primarily frontline workers in cash handling positions or where located in close proximity to value.
  • Operational compliance / regulatory and enforcement staff
  • Customer facing staff who deal directly with the public
  • Staff working outside the normal work environment
  • Staff exposed to high risk situations, threats and crimes of violence
Delivery Options
  • Programs can be contextualised to address specific organisational risk profile and environmental contexts.
  • Programs can be supported by detailed case studies developed and applied throughout the course.
  • Contextualised support guides can be developed to demonstrate responses for duress situations
  • Scenario based videos can be produced to support organisational safety and security approaches and ongoing learning.

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