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CARM® has developed a unique and compelling approach to persuasive communications that empowers people to focus on achieving the "Best Possible Outcome" when working through difference, disagreement, challenging behaviours, conflict or aggression.  Our best practice framework is applicable in a range of contexts and environmental settings from resonding internally to colleagues or key stakeholder challenges and externally where you are interacting wtih customers, members of the public or community forums etc.

You may very well have some excellent interpersonal skills, the test however is whether you are able to apply these interpersonal skills effectively in times of stress and in the face of adversity or in what may be considered as challenging, provocative, offensive or even aggressive behaviours? 

Consider for a moment, how do our negative emotions and thinking affect our behaviour when we are dealing with difficult or challenging circumstances, whether they be in our personal relationships or a professional context where you may be "Negotiating" or responding to a “Customer Service” issue?    

Picture those situations where you face adversity, challenge and conflict in the form of resistance, disagreement or disregard underpinned by strong negative emotions?   You want to achieve the best possible outcome or provide a great service and reinforce a great customer experience…but….. this person is doing everything humanly possible to provoke and upset you. 

You know the ones…. the ones that turn good days into bad, convert our smile into a frown, set off the warning bells and create negative feelings of concern, fear, anger, guilt, disappointment or embarrassment.  These are the ones that affect how we feel, think and deal with others…how we perform and get our job done….how pleasant or not we are to be around for our colleagues and later on, our family and friends. 

How do you manage these challenges?  

Can you recognise and relate to the emotions and interpret the human behaviours at play in others?  Furthermore can you recognise your own emotions and exercise a level of self control to limit their effect on your capacity to rationally think through to a more mutually desirable outcome?

  • Do you want to know how to “unlock the benefits” of persuasive communication using an approach that does influence others thinking?
  • Do you want to know how to proactively engage your cognitive mindset to manage internal thoughts and clearly pursue a mutual outcome, without the influence of negative emotions?

Welcome to “The CARM® Approach”…..A State of Mind & A Way of Behaving" which is counter-intuitive by design and underpinned by core emotional and social intelligence competencies.

To all our existing CARM® customers, thanks for dropping in…’s great to see you back and continuing to enjoy our products and services, and we thank you for your continued support.

If you are new to the CARM® website, welcome and thanks for coming - we are very pleased to see you here and look forward to assisting you with our tailored training and coaching solutions.  We’re just a phone call or mouse click away, so tell us how we can help you! 

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