Workplace Relationship Programs

Series on CARM Communication Techniques in the Workplace

For situations involving: Internal and External Stakeholders

Programs in this series focus learning and professional development in emotionally and socially intelligent competencies, essential to a modern workplace.  Achieving high performance and results when working with others relies on exceptional capability to:- 

  • manage internal stress,
  • communicate and problem solve collaboratively,
  • remain agile, flexible and adaptable,
  • be persuasive, foster strong positive relationships with others,
  • align both organisational and interpersonal values, and
  • provide and receive timely and respectful feedback.
  • having challenging conversations 

These programs, including our coaching and support services, are designed to enable staff, supervisors and managers to gain the knowledge and skills to help them perform at their peak, harness the motivation and capability of others, and keep projects and work efforts aligned and on track.

Specific program titles include:-
  1. Improving Workplace Communications – Enhancing Stakeholder Relationships
  2. Negotiating with Persuasive Influence – CARM Applied Persuasion
  3. Assertiveness skills – CARM Empathic Assertion® method
  4. Constructive Coping – Managing stress & improving resilience
  5. Managing for Performance – Engaging employees through effective dialogue
  6. Coaching and Mentoring through change
Program Details
  • What is the program  duration?
  • 1 or 2 day facilitated programs

How is learning delivered?

  • Facilitated either in-house face to face or virtual classroom.
  • 5 Minute micro learning online series

Who are these programs for?

  • Staff, supervisors and managers who engage / communicate with internal (other staff) and/or external stakeholders (contractors and suppliers).
Delivery Options
  • Programs can be contextualised to address specific organisational issues or concerns, and can be aligned to your industry or business contexts as well as organisational values.
  • Programs can be supported by detailed case studies developed and applied throughout the course.
  • Contextualised support guides can be developed to provide exemplars of influencing language and other related communication processes, specific to your current challenges and needs.
  • Scenario based videos and Micro Learning initiatives can be produced to support organisational approaches and ongoing learning.

For more detailed course information, please click on the training brochures link or contact us directly on 1300367475 or

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