Our People

Fraser Duff

Fraser Duff

Managing Director

CARM Training is led by our passionate, well qualified and experienced Managing Director Fraser Duff.

Peter Flannery

Peter Flannery

Director of L&D

Our training team is led by our talented, creative and capable Director Learning and Development Peter Flannery.

Training Resources 

We have both professional and business relationships domestically and internationally, with experts in the field of learning and development.  We can deploy with a great deal of capability and resource to deliver on your organisations training needs, albeit for face to face, e-learning or scenario based experiential learning projects. In addition we can leverage this capability through the latest online technology. 

At CARM Training we pride ourselves on being the very best at what we do and we focus our efforts in our niche area of expertise, responding to aggressive and violent behaviours in the workplace.  We provide not only highly qualified people with sound academic backgrounds, but we also have first-hand real life experience from many years of serving in an operational context in both tactical law enforcement  and military special forces roles.

We are not all things to all people / businesses, but when it comes to challenging, unruly, aggressive and even violent behaviours from customers or members of the public, then you will want us by your side, supporting and up-skilling your staff.

We have been developing our capability both professionally and academically since 1996 when CARM Training first formed.  We have an array of complimentary tertiary qualifications ranging from, Risk Management, Adult Education, Business Administration and Psychology.

We are committed to “empowering your people to safely de-escalate aggression and violence in the workplace“.

If you are a new customer then you can expect integrity, honesty and a partnership approach in your dealings with us.  We seek to add value, knowledge and skills to your organisation and staff.

So please contact us now to see how we can help.