CARM Reflections

Some CARM published articles, that address subject areas of interest for learning and development.   If you would like access to further resources of interest then please go to our CARM Resources section.  

Virtual Classrooms

Remote employees must maintain and advance their skills through learning and development opportunities. With social distancing and an increase in remote working, many challenges have been created for the way in which learning is facilitated. Never more than now have we turned to technology for an answer. Increased motivation to adopt and adapt technology for learning as a consequence of the recent pandemic has seen the rise of some wonderful initiatives.

Subliminal Influence In Your Language

Can subliminal messages positively contribute towards the outcomes of your interactions? People generally have no conscious awareness of subliminal stimulus and yet these messages woven into our communications can influence others' motivation and thinking considerably.

Emotional Resilience For When the Going Gets Tough

Our ability to move through conflict and with it change can certainly be defining moments for all of us. Consider for a moment do you become emotionally compromised in the face of adversity or do you exercise emotional resilience and accept what is happening and proactively seek to improve outcomes?

From Behind a Label

In this article we explore the topic of "LABELLING" and how labelling people can negatively impact on our communication...and therefore the importance of emerging from behind a label as quickly as you can to be seen as a person.

“Anonymity” and its effect on positive relationships

Welcome to this month’s e-news where we discuss Anonymity. This has been a hot topic for participants on our recent face to face training programs, here’s why... Ever wondered why customers can remain nasty or why people who you haven’t met before can be aggressive towards you? Making a connection with people is more important than you could ever imagine....