e/m-learning services

CARM’s e/m-learning programs utilize the latest in learning an online technologies. They are mobile compatible and accessible from desktop, phone or tablet devices. They are ideal as much for small businesses looking to train staff quickly and efficiently, as they are for large organisations looking to reach a large number of staff across a range of geographical locations, shifts or time zones.

Our award winning e-learning programs are offered as stand-alone courses or may be utilised as part of a blended learning approach, leveraging technology and facilitation.  We offer complete learning and assessment opportunities, with accurate recording of participant access, progress and results.  This data is available and downloadable for our clients due diligence recording and reporting requirements. 

Online educational resources have become a valuable part of  training delivery systems, with e/m-learning providing an opportunity to traverse both time and space 24/7.

Our programs are engaging, interactive and dynamic.  They have been designed as learner centric programs, with learning retention and workplace application at the forefront of our design. 

CARM Training currently hosts three core online learning programs for managing the risk of workplace violence.  Our online learning has been re-engineered over many years to capitalise on advancements in content, methodology and technology, including learning and delivery platforms for PC, tablet and mobile phone.

Current titles include: –

  1. Managing Aggressive Behaviours
  2. Robbery CTRM
  3. Dealing with Patient Aggression 

Training Courses Overview

1 – Workplace Aggression 

  • Responding to Aggression and Violence for higher risk roles (2 Days)
  • Managing Aggressive Customer Behaviours (1 Day)
  • Assertiveness Skills (1 Day)
  • Managing Telephone Aggression (1 Day)
  • De-escalating Patient Aggression (1 Day)
  • De-escalating Aggressive Passengers (1 Day)

2 – Workplace Relationships 

  • Improving Workplace Communications and Stakeholder Relationships (2 Days)
  • Negotiating with Persuasive Influence (1 Day)
  • Assertiveness Skills (1 Day)
  • Constructive Coping Skills (1 Day)

3 – Workplace Violence

  • Robbery Safety – CTRM Program (1 Day)
  • CTRM for Surviving Violent Confrontations (1 Day)

Program Customisaton and Contextualisation

All our programs can be easily contextualised and aligned to your suit your organisations specific need, risk profile and learning objectives. 

Our programs can be supplied with contextualised case studies, modified support guides incorporating language and communication guidelines as well as short video based learning scenarios to underpin the learning outcomes.

To receive a brochure or find out more about how our training programs can be customised and contextualisation to meet your industry and organisations needs, then please contact us now: 1300367475 or send an e-mail to  contact@carmtraining.com