Consulting Services

Training and Risk Management Consulting 

  • Our experienced consultants will provide your organisation and people with the necessary support, coaching and high level advice to significantly improve organisational safety and security as well as guiding and improving interactions, relationships and experiences with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Our coaching and support services are designed to assist people in pursuing key communication and interpersonal skills in influencing and negotiating when outcomes matter.  
  • Investing in people and communication skills is what sets organisations apart, particularly when situations become more emotionally challenging and critical to business outcomes.  It’s what makes good organisations great in the eyes of their customers, employees and stakeholders.
  • Our risk management advisory services can provide a wealth of industry knowledge and experience in managing the risk of workplace violence.  This service is offered under our RiskPlan® methodology.

RISKPLAN® Is a process that is designed to focus on Diagnosis, Treatment, Maintenance and Improvement Measures to mitigate Workplace Violence risks.

Our advisory services provide timely diagnosis, assistance and advice to organisations and governments so they can better manage their risk exposure.  Our approach addresses key risk management factors, including :-

  1. Prevention measures concerned with identifying effective strategies to reduce the likelihood / probability of incidents occurring.
  2. Preparedness measures to increase capability and build resilience for incidents if and when the occur, promoting employee, customer and public safety.
  3. Response measures (SOPS’s) to minimise the potential harm / consequences that can flow from an indent thereby reducing impact.
  4. Recovery measures concerned with restoring peoples sense of safety and well-being and the organisations status Quo to resumption of normal operations / services.

In responding to Workplace violence risks, we specialise in the design and development of comprehensive Workplace Violence – Organisational Policy and Procedural Guidelines. 

So why not take advantage of our vast array of intellectual property and extensive experience in this field.  We are more than happy to share our knowledge to help protect your people. 

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