Training Consulting Services

Training Consultancy 

Our experienced training consultants will provide your organisation and people with the necessary support, coaching and high level advice to significantly improve organisational learning outcomes.

We have many years of training design and development experience to drawer upon and our depth  of experience allows us to develop programs that range across many mediums, including:

  1. Competency based face to face.
  2. Professional development programs.
  3. e/m-leaning programs
  4. ‘5 Minute’ – Micro Learning online initiatives
  5. Online Video Based scenario training.
  6. Virtual classroom facilitated sessions using either Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

We were an early adopter back in 1999 of Computer Based Training (CBT), pioneering the development of our first CD Rom program.    That initiative was the recipient of an industry national training award for training excellence.  (ASIAL award 1999).

We have monitored learning trends over the years and we focus on leveraging technology with good instructional design and creativity to deliver excellent training results.

Our more recent initiatives are focused on the benefits of Micro Learning strategies and incorporating these into more traditional training forums / mediums.  In these current challenging times, with travel and social restrictions around COVID-19, we have again focused on leveraging our experience with technology to provide support and ongoing training initiatives to our clients.   

If you would like to know more about the benefits of adopting a micro learning strategy, then please click here for a brochure. 

CARM Communications

‘Because Words Matter’

Our coaching and support services are designed to assist people in pursuing key communication and interpersonal skills in persuasive influence, de-escalation and negotiating techniques.  We have recently release a series of ”5 Minute’ – Micro Learning sessions on ‘Challenging Conversations’.  This series can be viewed on our webiste by registering in our resources section. You can also view examples on our CARM Training YouTube channel.

Investing in these people skills is what sets organisations apart, particularly when situations become more emotionally challenging and critical to business outcomes.  It’s what makes good organisations great in the eyes of their customers, employees and stakeholders.

Click here to find out more about CARM Communication techniques.

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