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Our very experienced consultants and consulting services will provide your business and your people with the necessary support, coaching and high level advice to significantly improve organisational performance and service delivery, along with interactions, relationships and experiences with customers, stakeholders and the public. 

CARM® has developed a range of interactive support services and diagnostics with the clear intention of being able to greatly assist people in the pursuit of developing and improving their capacity and skills for influencing, negotiating and persuasively communicating when outcomes are critical.  An investment in these critical people skills is what sets organisations apart, particularly when situations become more emotionally challenging and critical to business outcomes.  It’s what makes good organisations great in the eyes of their customers, employees and stakeholders.

If you want to provide an extraordinary service and customer experience, then you need an exceptional approach, which is what we aim to achieve for your business.   If you want to experience better internal motivation and achieve the very best outcomes then the CARM® Approach can help.

Improve your competitive advantage, through your people and develop your human capital to its full potential.

essential for your customers......critical for your business



There are certainly aspects about you or your team’s negotiation style, skills and performance that you will know about and no doubt these will be contributing to your current level of success.  What improves performance outcomes though is learning about and focusing in on those areas that you are least aware of.

That’s where our CARM coaching team adds enormous value to your capability and success in negotiations. 

Our coaching team will help you to identify the core strengths in your approach, but importantly look for your vulnerabilities and the areas for improvement so that you can create advantage.   In doing so we will assess your preparatory measures, test your aims and objectives, evaluate your strategy and challenge your assumptions.  In essence we will be the other party and apply pressure accordingly where you may least expect.  This approach will increase your level of preparation and reduce the risk of being caught short. It will improve your negotiation outcomes and increase your level of individual and team confidence.

Do you know where your vulnerabilities lie?

How useful would it be to understand these before the other party does?

Through our CARM® “Negotiation Appreciation Process” we focus on reducing your vulnerability, improving the depth of your knowledge and aspects of your approach so that you are more than adequately prepared.

To find out more about how CARM Coaching can help you please contact us on:-  

Ph 1300 367 475 or email contact@carmtraining.com



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