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Does your workforce have the necessary communication, emotional and behavioural skill sets required to deliver exceptional performance?   Consider this in the context of when your people are confronted by some of the more challenging human behaviours, like people displaying strong negative emotions, being resistant and challenging or even pursuing a path of conflict, which may even extend to acting aggressively.    

Since 1996 CARM Training has been leading the way in developing unique and proven training solutions. Our services have provided expertise and support to many thousands of people in the domains of Business and Government, including leaders, managers, business professionals and front line staff.    A uniquely common outcome that people walk away with is :- a highly enriched level of knowledge, a greately improved mindset along with a deeper level of emotional and behavioural intelligence competencies.  The end result....this all translates back into improved performance, service delivery and business outcomes.

The CARM approach is about building a strong internal capability and developing emotional resilience and adaptive behaviours within your workforce. Thereby improving the way your organisation performs.

The uniquely developed and widely tested CARM approach will:-

  • improve service delivery and the customer experience
  • improve the outcome of workplace negotiations 
  • reduce the likelihood of situations becoming counter productive, negative or even volatile
  • reduce the level of negative emotions that invariably lead towards aggression or conflict
  • improve internal / external relationships including customer satisfaction, stakeholder and public perception
  • reduce external / internal resistance.

Our programs are underpinned by a unique counter-intuitive approach to thinking and communicating when outcomes are critical particularly when confronted by challenging and stressful situations.

The CARM skill sets are focussed on influencing the outcomes of situations in a positive way.  We seek to empower people to feel confident in themselves and their ability to communicate successfully as well as motivated and reassured in the validity of their intentions and actions.

CARM ® Training's highly acclaimed and award winning programs can be delivered in a variety of ways, including:-

  • Nationally accredited competency based training programs
  • Individual coaching sessions
  • Short Intensive Training Sessions (SITS Programs)
  • Small group interactive workshops 
  • As well as being supported by our range of highly interactive e-learning online programs
  • In additon our "CARM Approach" training and support material, diagnostics, assessments instrumensts etc can be purchased under licence for in-house trainers.

For your peice of mind we contextualise and customise our programs to meet your organisations specific needs and outcomes. We go to great lengths to ensure that we hit the mark when it comes to providing training and coaching solutions that improve your organisations performance. 

Our success is measured by your peoples ability to achieve the very best outcomes. 

CARM Corporate Material 

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Improving Workplace & Stakeholder Relationships

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De-escalating Aggressive Behaviours

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Influencing Difficult Customer Behaviour

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Influencing Negotiations

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Short Course in Robbery Safety

This program is a nationally accredited competency based short course program delivered via face to face or e-learning.  This award winning program is designed to teach staff a range emotional and behavioural competencies necessary to facilitate a safe outcome in such a critical incident.

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To find out more about CARM™ Training programs please send us an email contact@carmtraining.com

Participants Guide for face to face competency based training programs.  These documents provide the following details to course participants:- 

  • course overview, 
  • criteria for competency 
  • learning objectives,
  • assessment tasks and methodology
  • details on appeals, grievances and support 

Click here to download a copy of the Participants Guide


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Improving Workplace & Stakeholder Relationships
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