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CARM e-learning programs are ideal as much for small businesses looking to train staff, as they are for large corporations looking to reach staff across a range of geographical locations, shifts or time zones.

Our award winning e-learning programs can be used as stand-alone courses, complete with revision and assessment modules, the details of which are recorded for your employee records, or as part of a blended training approach. The choice is yours.

Online educational resources are fast beocming an accepted norm for the delivery of training.  E-learning presents as a unique opportunity to traverse both "time and space" making it "just in time" not" just in case.  All our programs and the associated instructional design are more "business aligned" and "learner-centric" than subject oriented.

Our programs are truely interactive, dynamic and engaging designed with learner retention in mind. 

CARM Training currently hosts three award winning online e-learning programs on our website including: -

  1. Dealing with Customer Aggression 
  2. Dealing with Patient Aggression &
  3. Robbery Safety

Specifications For Client PC & Internet Connections

Please note: for information on the minimum Client PC requirements and Internet connection considerations to view the e-learning programs

Please click on the link to open the attached document

Click here to find out more

2. Applications Required to View the E-learning

Please note: to fully view the website and the online training programs, your computer will need to be running both Adobe® Reader® and Macromedia Flash Player.  Please click on each of these hyperlinks to download the freeware if required, thank you.

3. Technical Support Document & FAQs

The following information relates to common locally based IT errors which some people may experience when logging on a using the e-learning programs.  We have prepared some simple and useful tips to help remedy and overcome any issues you may experience whilst undergoing the training.

Please click on the links to open the attached document

Technical Support & FAQs Document

Technical difficulties downloading csv files

4. Trainee instructions on how to access the online training programs.

The following information is a simple step by step guide designed to help new and existing trainees access the online training programs.  It provides information on the following:-

  • PC Requirements
  • Logging on via the Internet
  • Printing Certificates
  • Forgotton Passwords
  • Common IT Errors

Please click on the link to open the attached document

Instructions for Accessing Online Training


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