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This is what our clients have to say about us and our services....

"We highly recommend CARM training’s course for de-escalating aggressive behaviours.  We were impressed with the professional and courteous approach of the staff from CARM training and have no hesitation in recommending them to any organisation looking for high quality training.  The level of service they provided was exceptional". 

"The course has been extremely valuable for our employees and I have already recommended it to others.  Some who normally do not like to attend training have actively sought involvement after speaking with their peers.  Our employees found the content and the format of the course very beneficial and came away with a new level of confidence in dealing with situations where they need to deescalate aggressive   behaviour".

Jane Wright - Customer Service Competency Coordinator Country Energy

“The service provided was tremendous. I would have no hesitations in recommending them to other organisations.”

Senior Operations Executive - Listed Financial Institution

“They have provided our organisation with the highest level of service from the first point of contact and are to be congratulated for their commitment to excellence. Given the nature that such training is critical to how our staff perform and I have no hesitation in recommending this program.”

Senior Manager, Organisational Development - Financial Institution

“The course exceeded all expectations and I would (and have) already recommended it to others. Usually I would never score anything as highly as I have done so with their course, but on this occasion I can find no faults or weaknesses and I believe the high score is warranted”

Executive - Government Transport Authority

“In my experience it is unusual to find a consultant who so easily and comprehensively aligns with requirements and delivers quality solutions on time”

Human Resources Manager - Publically Listed Oil Company

SML were very appreciative of the training program De-escalating Aggressive Behaviours was provided to Sydney Markets.  We found CARM Training to be very flexible and accommodating with their delivery time as our staff start very early in the mornings.

The course itself has been very beneficial to staff who deal with difficult customers on a daily basis. The format that had been presented was very clear and well presented and has been put into practice with very positive results and great feedback. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone whether they deal with customers or just in everyday life”.

Adrian LaCava - Sydney Markets Limited

“I enjoyed working with your team. The final product is up and running and the feedback from course participants has been excellent”

Manager - International Aviation Sector 


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